WS6 Package

WS6 Package
Das WS6 Package wurde mit den Modellen ab 1978 eingeführt....
The WS6 package made its public introduction with the 1978 Trans Am, since TA
and Formula shared the same chassis setup in 79 it became available on the Formula Firebird.

Herb Adams had been working for Pontiac and helped develop the Trans Am, he took
on the task of trying to create a car (actually a few) to compete in the S.C.C.A. Trans
Am road races these were dubbed FireAms and he marketed some of the
improvements through his own company VSE (very special equipment) so that other Pontiac owners
could build a FireAm of their own.
Some of the results of his efforts later found their
way to production cars under the WS6 special performance and handling pkg. most
notably the 15x8 rims and the rear disc brakes.
WS6 improved the handing measurably over the std TA . On build sheets and in
service manual the WS6 is referred to as “TRANS AM MARK IV”.

The new for 78 WS6 package cost 324.00 (159.00w/L78+Y88)available only on the Trans Am
WS6 w/L78 (400ci 4v) w/ W72 324.00 (159.00w/Y88)
WS6 w/ L80 (403 olds) n/a w/W72 package 249.00 (74.00 w/Y88).
on Feb 22 1978 the WS6 was separated from the W72 package and re-priced at
251.00 (76.00 w/y88)

Contents :
15X8 snowflake design aluminum rims (stepped edge)available in gold #10003757 or
gray #10005783.
78 gold only outer lip rim face was polished, gray had paint only in
the spoke recesses with polished face ) center cap was steel “bullet” type.
Exlusive raised white letter "Goodyear polysteel radial" 225/70 R15 @30lbs, sTPC spec 1033 std TA used uniroyal steel belted GR70-15@28lbs, door sticker will show tire size so you can spot a true WS6 car
Constant ratio High effort steering box #7829773
front sway bar was same size as std TA and Formula @ 1.250”(1 1/4”)#356534
sway bar bushings #482331 1 1/4 I.D. x 1.56”wide
sway bar brackets #482332
sway bar grommets #10002641 (polyurethane)
specific rate front coil springs, dependant on GAWRF listed on door sticker,
(0-953lbs)use #3988113 KU-KV, most used this spring
(over 953lbs) use #462509 AUM
front shocks #4993544 PJ -
front struts from lower A arm to frame
rear sway bar upsized from the now std for 78 TA’s and formulas .625”(5/8)
and bushings ID were smaller to increase response
stab shaft RR #10000606 .750” (3/4”)
support bushings (2) #10000784 .677” I.D. ,use for 3/4” shaft (green line)
end brackets rr sring support plates (2)# 3982300 (same as std)
insulators (2) #494600 (13/16 I.D. green)
link brackets(2) #485336 (same as std )
brackets, supports to frame(2) #481132 (same as std)
supports #486050RH #486051LH (same as std these are the bars that go to frame )
rear coil springs (4 leaf semi elliptical) #481132 PJ-PL
spring shackle bushings #499473
rear shocks DB-DB #4993545

Same parts as 78 WS6 but with the addition of the J65 option (rear disc brakes) and now available on the Formula Firebird.
Package now cost 434.00 TA and formula with L37,L78,L80 (250.00 w/ Y84 ,std w/Y89 10th Ann)
WS6 now did not include the W72 package which was now std w/L78 , ordering the optional L78(W72) required the WS6 be ordered.
no discount when ordering the L80
225/70R15 now std on all TAs/formulas but WS6 retained exclusive use of theraise white letter Goodyear Polysteel Radial
* J65 was available seperately 150.00
* WS7 package made available (284.00), it contained all the WS6 parts less the disc rear axle
* all parts for listed for 4whl disc disc (J65) are specific for disc use

New components:
J65 option was included in WS6 pkg
master cylinder #18005285
proportion valve #1257187
brake booster (10”)#18004365
rod (pedal to booster)
brake pedal (arm) #10005206w/AT, #10007527 w/MT
brake pedal (brkt) #10005205
rotors (11” vented) #10005272
calipers (single piston w/ parking brake) #18005294 RH, #18005295 LH
pipe RH #10004702 LH #10004703
caliper backing/ mtg. plate R L
brake pads
brake cable RH #10004675, LH #1004676
parking lever R parking lever L
return springs(parking lever)
axles (2)

15X8 Natural Aluminum Air flow (turbo rims) with chromed plastic hex center cap became available but limited to the 10th Anniversary Trans Am, all other aluminum rims used the chromed steel “bullet” type center cap gold rim was now polished like the gray rim.
79-81 F w/ WS6/WS7 hyd strg gear valve was specific #7832061 * std TA used #783205

Package now cost 481.00 (281.00 w/Y84,std with Y89 Indy pace car)

15x8 Snowflakes still available in gold and gray (*4.9T w/WS6 could opt for snowflakes)
note turbo cars without ws6 were std with Rally II steel rims but had choice of 7" Snowflake rims at n/c
15X8 turbo rims now available but initially only on 4.9T (turbo TA and Turbo Formula when ordered w/WS6/WS7) as of Nov. 12 1979 Turbos available on California 5.0L TAs and Formulas when ordered w/WS6/WS7
15X8 “turbo” rims now available in natural and gold, white was offered but only on the Indy pace car TA,
* all 1980 aluminum rims used the chromed plastic hex center cap
slightly redesigned rr calipers #18006748 LH, #18006749 RH

WS6 only available T/A and Formula w/L37(4.9E/C), LG4 (5.0L), LU8 (4.9T)
limited slip differential (G80) which was now optional (71.00 T/A and Formula, std on the Nascar SE, n/c with WS6)
WS6 now with included limited slip rear, priced 580.00 T/A and Formula, 372.00 w/Y84, std w/Y85NascarSE
most parts same as 1980
constant ratio strg box was std for all TAs.
rims were redesigned w/WS6 rims now at 15 X 7.5” and available in natural and gold, white was offered but only on the 81 Recaro Nascar Special Edition pace car TA.
Y84 SE came std with 15x7" snowflakes or 15x7.5" turbos
new master cylinder, lighter aluminum redesigned quick take up (less drag) with
plastic reservoir #18008058 and #18008059W/4.9T

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